‘Thundersnow’ warning issued but Fife could miss the worst

‘Thundersnow’ warning issued but Fife could miss the worst

The Met Office has issued a “thundersnow” warning for many parts of Scotland over the weekend.

Wintry storms have already caused travel chaos in England and Wales with areas being hit by a deluge of sleet and snow.

The phenomenon known as “thundersnow” is what happens when a thunderstorm occurs during very cold weather, leading to sudden, heavy snow storms.

However, the Met Office says some parts of west Fife will be cloudy and areas to the north and east will see cold, clear skies.  Despite some widespread hail storms across the Kingdom, Fife could miss out on the worst of the predicted thunderstorms.

A temperature of -7.2C was recorded in Braemar in the Highlands on Thursday, 17 November.

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