Rosyth aircraft carrier sets off from dockyard

Rosyth aircraft carrier sets off from dockyard

The biggest British naval warship to be built by the UK sailed out of Rosyth dockyard and under the Forth bridges around just before midnight on 26 June 2017.

Hundreds of local workers have worked for the last few years to construct the ship in Fife.

The new HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier had to squeeze under the bridges at low tide to enable it to fit beneath the structures.

Commanding officer Captain Jerry Kydd said the ship was important for Britain’s reputation as a naval power.

“I think there are very few capabilities, by any country, that are as symbolic as a carrier strike capability.

“Submarines you can’t see, but these are very visible symbols of power and power projection.”

UK Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said: “This is a historic moment for the UK as our new aircraft carrier takes to sea for the very first time.

“This floating fortress is by far the most powerful ship ever built in Britain that will enable us to tackle multiple and changing threats across the globe.

“HMS Queen Elizabeth is an enduring example of British imagination, ingenuity, invention that will help keep us safe for decades to come. She is built by the best, crewed by the best and will deliver for Britain.

“For the next 50 years she will deploy around the world, demonstrating British power and our commitment to confronting the emerging challenges from a dangerous world. The whole country can be proud of this national achievement.”

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