Fife police division crime figures show rise in sexual offences

Crime is down in Fife according to the latest figures released by Police Scotland although sexual offences reported to the force has increased.

Between April and December 2016, figures show a “continuing downward trend for crime overall”, said the force.

A statement said robberies were down by 26% and crimes of dishonesty overall fell by 398 offences, reflected in a 12% drop in all house-breakings, a 21% fall in vehicle crime and a 9% reduction in shoplifting.

Fife’s Divisional Commander, Chief Superintendent Colin Gall, said: “It is extremely pleasing that this downward crime trend is continuing, and I want to thank my officers, staff, partners and the public who have all played a big part in achieving this reduction. 

“The significant drop in crimes of dishonesty is encouraging. The personal impact of these types of crimes is not underestimated by us, both on a financial and emotional level. 

“I’m also pleased that the number of robberies is down. In addition, there is an overall reduction in assaults by over 3% when compared to last year.” 

He continued: “There has been a slight rise in the number of sexual offences reported – this is always to be encouraged as we want all victims to have the courage and confidence to come forward and report what has happened.”

Chief Superintendent Gall said crime analysis meant Fife police would be focusing on house-breaking, violence and anti-social behaviour in the coming weeks.

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