Fife MoD base to become centre of Army operations in Scotland

Leuchars near St Andrews in Fife is to become the centre of Army operations in Scotland, the Ministry of Defence has said.


Sir Michael Fallon was in Scotland and made the announcement speaking in Edinburgh.

Last year, the Government said eight military sites were to close in Scotland in the next 15 years, including MoD Caledonia in Rosyth.

Sir Michael said: “Scotland is on the frontline of defending the United Kingdom from growing threats at sea, in the air and on land.

“Our commitment to the future of defence in Scotland is underlined by increasing investment in better infrastructure for the Armed Forces, helping to keep us safe.”


Until two years ago, Leuchars was an RAF base but it will  become the main hub for Army activity in Scotland.
Sir Michael said: “I want Leuchars to be the main base for the Army in Scotland. I’m hoping to move more personnel to Leuchars.
“We’ve had to look at the estate and close some of the more remote barracks and make sure we can offer our people modern accommodation but Leuchars will be the main home of the Army in Scotland.”

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