Beamer Rock Lighthouse could be introduced as ‘gateway’ to Fife

Beamer Rock Lighthouse could be introduced as ‘gateway’ to Fife

Initial plans to re-erect the Forth’s Beamer Rock Lighthouse as an informal gateway feature on the hill overlooking the Forth Road Bridge have been given the go-ahead by Fife councillors in principle.

The South West Fife Area Committee members felt that more consultation was required with the North Queensferry Community to inform them of the details and limitations of the plan, before the proposal went ahead.

The 185 year-old lighthouse is an early 19th century example of Stevenson maritime architecture. It was removed from its original site on the Forth to make way for one of the footings of the new Queensferry Crossing bridge.

If it is moved to the new site, the lighthouse will become a significant WW1 memorial overlooking the three bridges and Rosyth Dockyard.

It is hoped that the lighthouse could be in place by November 2018.

This will be fit in with a series of nationwide events to commemorate the 100thanniversary of the end of World War 1.

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